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Welcome to the Higher learning of Technical Skills.

Founder, The Prior version of the mother board
was made of wood.

1981 my mother-board only had one (1) light no screen yet.

Firmware became popular, then.

late 80s my classmates were being shown how to boot a floppy, onto a

late 90s one friend who was the only person i knew operating a motherboard with software called Windows on a Gateway with like 1gb.
We became Internet pioneers, building and selling Flash-website technology as hobbies.
Websites became popular and at the time not many existed, and i may have seen em all during the beginning.

Was no Google.
y2k yrs
I learned how to pull content into search engines via my dell desktop, and is much different today in many ways.
The internet was flooded with HTML Banners just everywhere, like mess of litter.

Its all because of the light on the mother board.

At the time, that mother (micro-chip) board was the most of technology and is at the core of almost all electronics today.

Large monitors were able to display the BIOS firmwares scripts read from a floppy disk.

The only option to boot was

disk operating system DOS modes. Soon after in-depth versions of software began to communicate details to the BIOS
from the firmware to the screens pixels(software language).

and a lot of technology happen during y2k.
Post the Beta years of the Internet.
Smart phones

Data Physics
Digital Content
Offline Websites
Digital Business Cards
Virtual physical object Trajectories
Data Science
BitCoin Higher Learning
Digital Bitcoin API
Web Applications
Rest SDK
Web Hosting
Web Servers
Cloud Servers
Operating Systems
Web Building
Become a Developer
Web Platforms
Data Base
Back ups
Software Installations

Engineering Plant base construction matter
The Future of Building Science moving into the 21st Century
Advanced Bio Composite
Industrial Hemp ( Focus is on Hempcrete specialization )
Industrial Hemp Applications
Engineering Plyhemp

Business Development
Specialize in the future