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April 2, 2022

217 Democrats Yea
VS 2 Nay and 1 not voting
3 Republican Yea
VS 202 Nays and 4 not voting
Roll Call

Whats up with Texas ? Two (2) of its Democrat Reps Vote not to pass THC Federally

Michael Cloud

Texas (TX) – 27th, Republican

Hometown: Victoria

Oath of Office: Jan. 03, 2021

Voted Not to pass THC federally

The Honorable Michael Cloud
512 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC, 20515-4327
Phone: (202) 225-7742


Cheri Bustos

Illinois (IL) – 17th, Democrat

Hometown: Moline

Oath of Office: Jan. 03, 2021 Democrat that Didn’t Vote

Henry Cuellar

Texas (TX) – 28th, Democrat

Hometown: Laredo

Oath of Office: Jan. 03, 2021

The only Democrat to vote against passing weed Federally. But but but why?

APRIL 1, 2022

U.S. House of Representatives

House Session

The House debates and approves (220-204) legislation to legalize marijuana on the federal level, decriminalizing and descheduling cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.

April Fools or did the house really pass the bill (H.R. 3617 ) to take THC/ aMarijuana* off the schedule (1) drug list. In favor of 220 to 204. The USA is behind Canada who led the US. In 2018 Congratulations Canada First Industrial Nation to Federally legalize Cannabis

MORE Act117th Congress (2021-2022)

what does this mean?

Congratulations Canada First Industrial Nation to Federally legalize Cannabis

hemp constitutional overhaul virginia assembly Rep Joni Lane Shows #HempCrete Block

Hemp Technologies Global

Hemp moves ahead Via Posted: Friday, January 30, 2015 8:41 am By JACOB GEIGER Richmond Times-Dispatch Hemp moves ahead

Joni Lane, with the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition, shows off a block of hemp and also her skirt made from hemp to Del. Joseph R. Yost, R-Giles, left, as she address, the House Agriculture Chesapeake, and Natural Resources committee at the General Assembly Building in Richmond, VA Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015. Yost’s bill, HB1277, allowing for production of industrial hemp, later passed the committee.

Industrial Hemp 2015 up and coming Faster than Cotton

. 2014 was Great for iHemp.   Hemp the Fastest Growing Business Globally ! ______________________ Kentucky Seeking Hemp Growers for 2015

By Lisa Autry Originally published December 2014
The application window is now open for Kentucky farmers and processors who want to grow hemp for research in 2015.
Several Kentucky universities, including WKU, grew hemp this year for the first time in decades. The application deadline for the next round is January 1.

“Last spring the DEA wasted precious taxpayer resources when it confiscated a shipment of hemp seeds intended for a pilot project in Kentucky,” Massie said in a Vote Hemp release. “By defunding further DEA interference, this amendment saves taxpayer dollars and gives states and research institutions the freedom to pursue hemp pilot programs.”