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Digital Menu Menus Folsom Ca 95630 USA Developer Albert Guadan Technology Social Media Grids

About this Application:  This application is built for the mobile user s sMart device.  This Application is cross platform and sKids across platforms (like a rock sKipping over water).  What that means is,  it is just un-like any other application,  by that said allow me to explain.  This Digital Menu application works with out downloading an application other than Adobe Reader, but soon most all sMart devices will NEED Adobe Reader® since it opens all portable document file ( thus each user will have Adobe Reader® and most devices come pre installed with it ).   This Digital Menu 1.0 released by the developer (Albert Guadan) opens in Adobe Reader® and thats in every app store FREE.   The great advantage is that your social environment can be more than just one or two different mobile brands because it opens in Adobe Reader®

Estimating Digital Content could be difficult depending on how Rare the subject is.

In this case the technology is advance to the past and current market.

Here is what a full productions Estimates at during BETA.

Price of this Digital Menu is:  ( i explain here the cost if you wanted your menu from scratch)

80 links (not including ad links or developer url site directories)                 10ea. 80×10=800 80 photos    It has 80photos and still only the size of half of one at 1.38MB 10ea. 80×10=800 20 pg. not including front 25.00ea.                                                                    20×25=500 Custom lay out set-up 250.min                                                       Theme Engineering 500 Custom Graphics 100-1000 image                                            1.0 background Theme 500 Resize image                                                                                         10ea. 10×60=600

—————————————————————————————————————- Total 800+800+500+500+500+600=3,700.00 Online publishing to host 100.00 Host fee 8.0 Month one year 8×12=96 96.00 Key word fee Page ranking per key word s 100@ 10 100.00 Grand Total 4,896.00 Rebate = ads per page 25-100+ Pays for itself with your ad space with 2 ads per page Includes 1 hour of how to use your digital content using Social Media Marketing 3700+100+96+1000=4,896.00 its about 48 bitcoins at the current time BTC Bitcoins are 100.+-